Have You or a Loved One Been Left With Hearing Loss After Military Service? Defective 3M® Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplugs™ May Be To Blame.

You May Be Eligible for Compensation.

Thousands of injured service members have joined the defective earplugs lawsuit against 3M®.

Time Is Limited.  Claims may only be filed for a short period of time.

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Do You Have a 3M Earplugs Claim?

It Is Not Too Late to File a Claim.

Financial compensation and benefits may be available through a settlement with the 3M® Company for veterans left with irreversible hearing damage.

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3M® has already paid out $9.1 million in a settlement to the federal government.

Don't be left out.  Hundreds of thousands of veterans have already sued 3M® Company in connection with the company’s provision of 3M® Combat Arms Earplug by contract with the US government.


Legislation states that 3M®, as well as its predecessor Aearo Technologies, Inc., falsely marketed the earplugs as effective and knowingly distributed defective products to the US military.


Our attorneys are dedicated to the representation of service members that have suffered medically-recognized injuries as a result of wearing defective earplugs.

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Do I Have a Claim?

Were You Issued Dual-Ended Earplugs While Serving in the United States Military?

Between 2003 and late 2015, nearly every deployed soldier or military service member was issued 3M® Combat Arms Earplugs™ (CAEv2). However, 3M® Company withheld important information about design defects, and failed to provide adequate warnings or instructions for users.

If you were issued these earplugs and suffered these hearing-related injuries, you may be eligible for compensation.

Have You Suffered Any Hearing Loss, Ringing in the Ears, or Tinnitus?

A defective earplug design caused 3M® earplugs to slowly loosen over time, leaving military users at risk of permanent hearing damage.

Resulting injuries may include, but are not limited to:

  • Hearing loss

  • Ringing in the ear (tinnitus)

  • Difficulty understanding speech

  • Need for a hearing aid


How Much Will Hiring an Attorney Cost?

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Slater Slater Schulman LLP is dedicated to the representation of individuals who have honorably served our country but have nevertheless been misled and injured as a result.

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